Swine Medicine Education Center


Swine Medicine Modules -  $50-$4,950
A wide variety of evidence based training modules are available online for a fee. All modules remain the property of the SMEC and can be distributed only with written approval from the SMEC faculty.

Swine Medicine University Package -  $10,000
SMEC has created a user-friendly, online learning platform that provides self-enrollment to students and course content management.

Included in the course:

  • 13 core medicine lectures, approximately 50 minutes in length, covering diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common swine problems in individual and herd context.
  • On-demand access to all the SMEC instructional videos from the start of the course until the end of the current academic semester.
  • Reservation of 1 student space in a 4th year, on-farm clinical training SMEC program.
  • Reorganization of course material into 5 summary review lectures focused on priority topics for board preparation with recorded narration.
  • Board preparation practice questions with feedback on correct and incorrect answers and referencing.
  • Two live meetings (via Zoom/Skype, etc.) with Iowa State University swine faculty for up to 1 hour to be used as a course review, research update or speaker at a student club.

Please feel free to contact us at isusmec@iastate.edu for further details.

Custom Training Modules -  costs and how to get started
Custom training modules range from on farm activities with training from SMEC faculty to creating specific informational videos, lecture series or web-based modules. We have the benefits of a proven infrastructure, veteran technical leadership, and a wide variety of resources for assessment and validation activities. Individual opportunities will be discussed to formulate goals and training objectives and a formal proposal including budget will be provided and agreed upon prior to any development or implementation.

SMEC Digital Library -
This library provides access to a variety of materials, such as video tutorials and guidelines, to support the swine medicine training of veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, clients and producers. The library is organized into collections from biosecurity training to surgical techniques, each of which is composed of several related topics. This resource is provided for an annual subscription fee. Your subscription allows unlimited access to the library and use of the resources for one calendar year. Generated revenue will be used to build new contents for the library.
$50 for students enrolled at an AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine
$350 for veterinarians licensed to practice in the United States or faculty at an AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine
$5,000 for all others

Applied Research -  costs and how to get started
A variety of field research opportunities are possible and would be overseen by the SMEC faculty. All research hypotheses are discussed on an individual basis and a trial design created to fit project needs. A quote will be provided and agreed upon prior to any activities.

The Swine Medicine Education Center, Swine Medicine Applied Research Team (SMEC SMART) was designed to assist researchers with anything between the grant award to the end of live animal work. Examples of these services include detailed protocol writing, provide solutions to animal challenges, IACUC/IRB approval, supply ordering and preparation, live animal sampling, draft materials and methods for publication, etc. You will only pay for the help you need. For more details about what SMEC can do, potential challenges and examples of success, contact Dr. Locke Karriker (karriker@iastate.edu) or Kristin Skoland (kjhammen@iastate.edu)

Search and Summary of Current Evidence for Practice -  costs and how to get started
The center staff have unique resources and expertise to conduct extensive reviews of research literature and other sources to answer specific clinical questions. This information is then compiled and evaluated for relevance to the specific case or question and scientific soundness. The findings are summarized in a final report and reviewed by the SMEC faculty.

Necropsy Kit -  $290 each
For sale is a complete necropsy tool box for the swine practitioner. Each 3-shelf toolbox contains ten 12cc-syringes, ten 16 x 1.5 needles, ten 20 x 1.5 vacutainer needles, 3 bleeding hubs, 5 polyester-tipped swabs, 10 serum separator tubes, humidity/temperature pen, laser pointer, digital thermometer, 11 tissue-sampling bags, tissue forceps, surgical scissors, needle-nose pliers, sharpening steel, oil-impregnated sharpening stone, 6-inch boning knife, 7-inch cleaver, and a dead blow mallet. These are the same kits that are used in the Swine Production Medicine Clinical Rotation (SMEC 480) with the Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC) at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.